Update About Our Local SEO Company

Ok my loyal readers and visitors, today I am just going to give you a quick update about how our marketing is going so far. If you read the other post we did about our Marketing Strategy For 2014 you will know that we hired a company or two to help us out and to give us the time we needed to get back on our feet and get this site back up and running like it was. So it has been about 25 days since they started and we are very happy to say that they have gotten us to page 1 for a whole bunch of phrases that are completely necessary for us to succeed. This awesome local seo company we have been using is the absolute best that we have ever dealt with. Like I said it has not even been a full month yet, and for them to have achieved results like this already is pretty much amazing. So our local seo strategy is working out great, and we are also doing some paid advertising which is extremely targeted to a specific audience. Between the two of those incoming traffic methods we are doing very well, and are converting at a amazing rate so far. Everything is picking up just like we wanted it to, and we couldn’t be any happier here at Rumba Fish Technologies. We sincerely hope that everyone who reads this has not given up hope on Marketing or SEO, as a way to generate traffic and/or money. If it is done right then you can bu successful online and live your dreams out. Just look at us, our whole site went down, we had absolutely no content on here when we put the site back up, and now we are making lots of money and getting tons of traffic. you have to be very dedicated, persistent, and choose the right external companies to do the work that you can not do yourself. Be freeing up your time it allows you to focus specifically on your main business and money maker. As an example, if you sell Homes and are a Real Estate Agent, there is no reason in the world for you to be building your website and doing the marketing for the site. This is a complete waste of time and energy for you, as you should be out showing houses to potential clients. So you should be looking for reliable, reputable, and professional local companies to handle these things for you. If you are in South Florida and would like a reference for a excellent Local Search company, then you can check out Natural SEO Juice here – http://naturalseojuice.com and their site will give you all the info you will need. Keep in mind, we are not affiliated in any way with them, they are just the company that we have been using for the past month and have seen great results so far. Anyways, enough rambling for now, stay tuned for more updates soon, until then…..