Should You Even Think About Buying High PR Links?

Are you wondering if you should start to get some links to your site? If you are then you have the right mindset if you are trying to increase your site traffic and get to the first page. Do not believe that content is king, the only way that is true is if you are already a Fortune 500 company or already have a top blog in your industry. If you don’t have one of those, then the chances of you getting those high authority links is slim to none. You are left with one choice, you can buy high pr links form a reputable vendor or you can make the biggest mistake of your life and use one of those services that advertise on the Warrior For or some other crappy Forum. If you advertise those services you are just asking for trouble. If you are going to go down this route than make sure to use a company that is way under the radar and only provides these links for their clients. It might be hard to find one of these companies, but we will recommend one to you shortly. The worst thing you could possibly to for your site is to jump on one of those Forums or Black Hat Forums and buy a service form someone adverting on there. If anyone and their mother can read those forum threads don’t you think the Gods can read them too. Then all they have to do is join the service and back track the links and they can then find every single site from that. And then the disaster comes next, shortly after they find those sites, your sites will be deindexed and you will receive a message notification in your Webmaster Tools account saying that you have gotten a manual penalty. Now once that happens you are finished. All that time, effort, and money you spent is absolutely gone. You have to start completely over on a brand new site, or you can waste a year or two trying to recover from that manual penalty. Now that you have read my rant, I am going to tell you about a great company that provides high quality links and they are honest, reliable, professional, and very customer services oriented. They return all emails very quickly, and reply to support tickets usually within 10-30 minutes. Although I have never needed their support, my friend who told me about them did mention that to me. I have been using them for about 4 months now, and they have done everything they have said they would do, and much much more. I am definitely happy that I found out about these guys and hope that they never ever go out of business or change industries. The company I am talking about is called Premium SEO Juice and they are located in Florida. You can reach them through their contact form, email, or even give them a call. They are all 100% US and English speakers so their will not be any issues with communication.