Our Marketing Strategy For 2014


Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back to read our Blog. We know that there has been some big down time on this site, and some of it could not of been avoided. Now we are back, and plan to really take this site to the next level. We have hired a few outside companies to help us with our Marketing and Local SEO, as well as the design of this site. So far so good on all those areas, and we hope that over the next few months this site gets back to where it was before the dead/down time. The company working on the design has been working very hard and continually updating the site. The company handling the local seo services has been working just as hard, and creating us a excellent presence in the Local Market around this area. Both companies came highly recommended to us and we are extremely happy to have them both on our team working on our site. You can be sure that over the next few months this site will continue to grow and hopefully get our old following back with us. It is just a matter of time and patience on our part, as well as dedication which all of here have plenty of. We have been through a few rough patches along the way, but the support of the team has kept us on the up and up and we have driven past all the negative things that have happened. We really want to start to get some traffic for our services on a local level, and that is why we hired a very well known SEO Company to help us out with that. We only have the time for so much here, which includes putting together content for this site, helping our clients get the most out of our service, and providing top notch support to them along the way.

We believe by hiring help from external sources it will free up some of our time to do what we do best, and let the experts do what they do best. That is why we hired the awesome SEO Company in Florida that goes by the name of SEOjus to handle all of our Internet Marketing and SEO for us. Just by doing this we have opened up at least 80 extra hours of time for us to spend on doing the things that we stared out doing that made this a great company to begin with. We really do appreciate the support everyone has showed, and we promise to get this site back to the quality it was before. Just stick with us and keep coming back, and before you know it you will see everything you used to see here.