The New Sub Ohm Tank By Sense

Their is a new Sub Ohm Tank on the market, made by Sense. We believe it’s one of the best Sub Ohm Tanks on the market right now, specially for flavor. It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t get that hot, the vapor is excellent, it’s small so that means compact and portable. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold that much ejuice, But that doesn’t bother me that much, I mean it only takes a few seconds to pull out my unicorn bottle and fill it up. So there really isn’t anything bad with this Tank. We are referring to the Blazer Mini Tank by Sense. They are experts at this game, and they really know how to make a great Tank that performs fantastic. As we previously said, this is our favorite Tank right now, and we all have a lot of Tanks in our arsenal. If you want to pick one up you can head over to The Best Vape and get one for around $29 – $30. They have 2 colors in stock right now, Black & SS, but the Blue and Rainbow is on the way. Either way whichever color you choose you will be happy and love it. We don’t normally make recommendations for specific products because everyone likes different things, but this product is so good that we are confident you will like it. The coils are excellent as well. So far we have only used the .4 ohm, but I know they are all high quality and have great flavor. Our recommendation is to go pick up a Sense Blazer Mini Tank right now from The Best Vape before they sell out again. You will be happy and satisfied that you did, that we feel confident saying to you all.

Well that is pretty much it for this post, we hope this helped you out, and please fell free to post a comment below once you have the Tank. Have a great weekend.


  1. Excellent article, thanks for telling me about this new Tank! Going to pick one up now.

    • Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by. No problem, good luck with the Tank!

  2. I was thinking about picking up one of a Blazer Mini Tank but now I am definitely going to. Thank you!

    • Hi Sean, glad we could help make up your mind. Enjoy it!


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