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The New Sub Ohm Tank By Sense

Their is a new Sub Ohm Tank on the market, made by Sense. We believe it’s one of the best Sub Ohm Tanks on the market right now, specially for flavor. It doesn’t leak, it doesn’t get that hot, the vapor is excellent, it’s small so that means compact and portable. The only downside is that it doesn’t hold that much ejuice, But that doesn’t bother me that much, I mean it only takes a few seconds to pull out my unicorn bottle and fill it up. So there really isn’t anything bad with this Tank. We are referring to the Blazer Mini Tank by Sense. They are experts at this game, and they really know how to make a great Tank that performs fantastic. As we previously said, this is our favorite Tank right now, and we all have a lot of Tanks in our arsenal. If you want to pick one up you can head over to The Best Vape and get one for around $29 – $30. They have 2 colors in stock right now, Black & SS, but the Blue and Rainbow is on the way. Either way whichever color you choose you will be happy and love it. We don’t normally make recommendations for specific products because everyone likes different things, but this product is so good that we are confident you will like it. The coils are excellent as well. So far we have only used the .4 ohm, but I know they are all high quality and have great flavor. Our recommendation is to go pick up a Sense Blazer Mini Tank right now from The Best Vape before they sell out again. You will be happy and satisfied that you did, that we feel confident saying to you all.

Well that is pretty much it for this post, we hope this helped you out, and please fell free to post a comment below once you have the Tank. Have a great weekend.

Some of The Best Sub Ohm Tank Reviews


There is a brand new e juice coming out that is going to be very very popular. It’s from Mad Hatter Juice, and it’s a remake of I Love Donuts. They decided to make the original better, so they came out with this new e liquid. It’s called I Love Donuts Too. There is 1 site that we know will have it in stock very soon. You can check out this new and delicious new e juice called I Love Donuts Too by Mad Hatter Juice over at The Best Vape. The will definitely have it soon, like within the next few days. They also have super fast shipping, the cheapest Priority Mal in the US, and the best customer service we have ever seen in an Online Vape Shop. Ok that is it for this update.

Good afternoon people, today we are back with a short review of a company/site that has been around for about 10 months now and they are doing great. They specialize in doing Reviews for Vape products and they are getting really popular throughout the community. One of their most popular categories I keep hearing about is the Sub Ohm Tank Reviews section which has tons of great content. They used to have close to a hundred different tank reviews on the site but I think they recently took most of them offline. I believe they are going through them all and adding more to them, like more text and pictures to make them even better then they already are. I would honestly have to say that you can not get any better then what they already do, every single post they make is top notch, with everything you could possibly need to make an informed consumer decision on whether to buy the product or not. They have a few other categories on the website that you can choose from, like DNA 200 Box Mods and e-Juice Reviews, I do not remember any others off the top of my head. One thing I can say for sure is that whatever you read on the site is absolutely true and tested. They thoroughly test out each and every product that they get and review. When I read something on their site I know that I can trust it no matter what, because their reputation  is just that good.

In case you do not already know, the Vape Review industry is extremely competitive these days and it gets harder and harder to stand out when everyone and their mothers are starting to review products. I believe the motivation for doing these is not good, because most of the people are in it just to get some free stuff. This isn’t cool because most the people who do it just for that will write or say anything just to make the company happy. And this is dishonest and misleading to the community and people who are listening to them. If you want 100% honest info about specific vape products then we highly suggest you check out because they tell it like it is regardless of how good or bad the product is. Everything they have said and written about products that I have bought have been true. Before I make purchases I always check out their site to see what they have said about it. My main point of this post is this, if you want a source that has the best vape reviews with accurate details and opinions then you need to check their site out now. They are the only site that I trust and that should say a lot. Ok that is it for this post, I said what I had to say, now go check them out.

Should You Even Think About Buying High PR Links?

Are you wondering if you should start to get some links to your site? If you are then you have the right mindset if you are trying to increase your site traffic and get to the first page. Do not believe that content is king, the only way that is true is if you are already a Fortune 500 company or already have a top blog in your industry. If you don’t have one of those, then the chances of you getting those high authority links is slim to none. You are left with one choice, you can buy high pr links form a reputable vendor or you can make the biggest mistake of your life and use one of those services that advertise on the Warrior For or some other crappy Forum. If you advertise those services you are just asking for trouble. If you are going to go down this route than make sure to use a company that is way under the radar and only provides these links for their clients. It might be hard to find one of these companies, but we will recommend one to you shortly. The worst thing you could possibly to for your site is to jump on one of those Forums or Black Hat Forums and buy a service form someone adverting on there. If anyone and their mother can read those forum threads don’t you think the Gods can read them too. Then all they have to do is join the service and back track the links and they can then find every single site from that. And then the disaster comes next, shortly after they find those sites, your sites will be deindexed and you will receive a message notification in your Webmaster Tools account saying that you have gotten a manual penalty. Now once that happens you are finished. All that time, effort, and money you spent is absolutely gone. You have to start completely over on a brand new site, or you can waste a year or two trying to recover from that manual penalty. Now that you have read my rant, I am going to tell you about a great company that provides high quality links and they are honest, reliable, professional, and very customer services oriented. They return all emails very quickly, and reply to support tickets usually within 10-30 minutes. Although I have never needed their support, my friend who told me about them did mention that to me. I have been using them for about 4 months now, and they have done everything they have said they would do, and much much more. I am definitely happy that I found out about these guys and hope that they never ever go out of business or change industries. The company I am talking about is called Premium SEO Juice and they are located in Florida. You can reach them through their contact form, email, or even give them a call. They are all 100% US and English speakers so their will not be any issues with communication.

Update About Our Local SEO Company

Ok my loyal readers and visitors, today I am just going to give you a quick update about how our marketing is going so far. If you read the other post we did about our Marketing Strategy For 2014 you will know that we hired a company or two to help us out and to give us the time we needed to get back on our feet and get this site back up and running like it was. So it has been about 25 days since they started and we are very happy to say that they have gotten us to page 1 for a whole bunch of phrases that are completely necessary for us to succeed. This awesome local seo company we have been using is the absolute best that we have ever dealt with. Like I said it has not even been a full month yet, and for them to have achieved results like this already is pretty much amazing. So our local seo strategy is working out great, and we are also doing some paid advertising which is extremely targeted to a specific audience. Between the two of those incoming traffic methods we are doing very well, and are converting at a amazing rate so far. Everything is picking up just like we wanted it to, and we couldn’t be any happier here at Rumba Fish Technologies. We sincerely hope that everyone who reads this has not given up hope on Marketing or SEO, as a way to generate traffic and/or money. If it is done right then you can bu successful online and live your dreams out. Just look at us, our whole site went down, we had absolutely no content on here when we put the site back up, and now we are making lots of money and getting tons of traffic. you have to be very dedicated, persistent, and choose the right external companies to do the work that you can not do yourself. Be freeing up your time it allows you to focus specifically on your main business and money maker. As an example, if you sell Homes and are a Real Estate Agent, there is no reason in the world for you to be building your website and doing the marketing for the site. This is a complete waste of time and energy for you, as you should be out showing houses to potential clients. So you should be looking for reliable, reputable, and professional local companies to handle these things for you. If you are in South Florida and would like a reference for a excellent Local Search company, then you can check out Natural SEO Juice here – and their site will give you all the info you will need. Keep in mind, we are not affiliated in any way with them, they are just the company that we have been using for the past month and have seen great results so far. Anyways, enough rambling for now, stay tuned for more updates soon, until then…..

Our Marketing Strategy For 2014


Hello everyone, and thanks for coming back to read our Blog. We know that there has been some big down time on this site, and some of it could not of been avoided. Now we are back, and plan to really take this site to the next level. We have hired a few outside companies to help us with our Marketing and Local SEO, as well as the design of this site. So far so good on all those areas, and we hope that over the next few months this site gets back to where it was before the dead/down time. The company working on the design has been working very hard and continually updating the site. The company handling the local seo services has been working just as hard, and creating us a excellent presence in the Local Market around this area. Both companies came highly recommended to us and we are extremely happy to have them both on our team working on our site. You can be sure that over the next few months this site will continue to grow and hopefully get our old following back with us. It is just a matter of time and patience on our part, as well as dedication which all of here have plenty of. We have been through a few rough patches along the way, but the support of the team has kept us on the up and up and we have driven past all the negative things that have happened. We really want to start to get some traffic for our services on a local level, and that is why we hired a very well known SEO Company to help us out with that. We only have the time for so much here, which includes putting together content for this site, helping our clients get the most out of our service, and providing top notch support to them along the way.

We believe by hiring help from external sources it will free up some of our time to do what we do best, and let the experts do what they do best. That is why we hired the awesome SEO Company in Florida that goes by the name of SEOjus to handle all of our Internet Marketing and SEO for us. Just by doing this we have opened up at least 80 extra hours of time for us to spend on doing the things that we stared out doing that made this a great company to begin with. We really do appreciate the support everyone has showed, and we promise to get this site back to the quality it was before. Just stick with us and keep coming back, and before you know it you will see everything you used to see here.


Welcome To The Rumba Fish Blog

Welcome to our new site. Thanks so much for visiting. As you can tell, we are in the middle of re-designing this site. Please be patient and you will continue to see more info updated daily. We have big plans here and we want everyone to be involved. I hope that you will come on this new adventure with us. To the folks that have been following us and emailing us, we really appreciate the support and hope to have this site back to where it was before. Thanks again everyone, and stay tuned!